1908 Mural at Rosedale Public School

  • Rosedale Public School, Kindergarten Class

    J.W. Beatty Mural at Rosedale Public School

    A pivotal figure in the development of the Toronto School Board’s art collection, J.W. Beatty, was introduced to Rosedale Public School in 1901 when the Ontario Society of Artists recommended him for a mural commission for the school’s new kindergarten room. Beatty was a contemporary of the Group of Seven and a close associate of J.E.H. MacDonald. Although the mural project required several years of fundraising, Beatty was able to begin the project in 1908 painting one mural a year as the money was raised.

    Photographer unknown

    Black and white photograph


    Black and white photograph of Kindergarten Class at Rosedale Public School.