1879 Typewriters and Copying Machines

  • Remington Standard Typewriter

    The Type Writing Machine

    Unfortunately the Electric Pen was not that useful a device and required frequent repair as Board budget documents from the time attest. A newer, more user-friendly device, the type writing machine, became commercially available in Canada in the 1870s and provided an easier method for creating stencils. In 1891 the Board rented a Typewriter from Geo. Bengough, Agent for Remington Standard Type Writer, for $15.00 eventually purchasing a machine for the Inspector’s Office for $95.00 in 1894. In 1896 two type writing machines were rented for use in the Superintendent of Buildings office.

    Remington, Hamilton

    Metal, plastic


    Black metal typewriter with pen body, high set keys, red sticker with gold letters of maker