1883 Fire!

  • Silver Teacher’s Desk Set damaged in the Wellesley Street School fire of 1891.

    Schools Destroyed by Fire

    The threat of fire in Toronto schools was a matter seriously considered by school board officials; especially after the first great fire of Toronto in 1849. By the 1880s, fire drills were regularly practiced in all of the schools. The effectiveness of these drills in preventing panic was put to a real test in 1883 when both the Palace Street and Hope Street schools caught fire. The Inspector’s Report of that year notes that the 272 pupils at Palace Street School were out in 45 seconds while the 677 pupils at Hope Street School made it outside in 1 minute 40 seconds. In 1885, fire destroyed Wellesley Street School.

    Acme Silver Company

    Silver plate


    Desk set's base has ornate legs and trim. Scroll work forms handles, front has plaque with text.