1915 Central Technical School

  • Construction of Central Technical School

    A need for technical education

    Central Technical School, was the first purpose-built technical school in Toronto. The school had existed as the Toronto Technical School in three previous locations, none of which were large enough to accommodate the ever-growing number of students. Responding to peoples’ interest, and a burgeoning need for skilled Canadian labour, the City of Toronto planned the school's construction, and appointed as Principal, Dr. A.C. McKay. A man with superior qualifications, Dr. McKay visited Europe's finest technical schools, envisioned his ideal building, and opened a universal architectural contest, won by Montreal's Ross and Macfarlane. In September of 1913, future Prime Minister Robert Borden laid the cornerstone.

    Photographer unknown

    Black and white photograph


    Black and white photo of Central Technical School during the last phase of construction.