• Oral History Project, Vera Wilkinson

    January 01 Recorded in 1993

    Vera Wilkinson talks about going to Massey Hall as a student

    Interviewed by Virginia Mahaffey and Evelyn Veale

    Audio recording


    The connection to Great Britain was a source of pride for many citizens. People celebrated Empire Day annually to emphasize the relationship.

    Audio Transcript

    The big thrill was the Empire Day Concert held in Massey Hall in May. Our voices were tried out and then representation was sent from each public school.  Massey Hall had a great big platform erected at the back of the stage and it was a really great thrill to be in that choir.  We held flags and at a certain motion from the director we would wave our flags, at "Rule Britannia" or "The Maple Leaf Forever" or something to make the scene.